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When you think about it, isn’t a picture worth a lot more than just a thousand words? Any number of words can be written about ANY picture, whatever the subject may be. Entire books have been written for iconic pictures, such as the one at Iwo Jima.

Pictures or graphics are very important in communicating information because people like to put stories with images or videos, for that matter. Newspapers, magazines, broadcast news, and other forms of stories/images show that pictures or videos are sometimes more important when trying to tell a story. Think about the recent Haiti earthquake. I’m sure thousands of pictures have been taken to convey the story more effectively and to get people to contribute to the country.

Stories can be told with pictures that can’t be told with words. Even without so much as a caption with the picture, a series of pictures, images, or videos can tell a story without any words at all. This goes right back to the old phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Words or not, pictures have moved people, made them laugh, cry, or angered them, and pictures can cause us to write the words for them.


Alana Taylor from NYU couldn’t be more right about how blogging is important, how each Generation Y (my generation) should have some sort of a blog, and how it’s essential to good journalism. Why is she so spot on? She not only micro managed her blog, she also is a web video correspondent part-time for Mashable, (one of the top blogs on social media).  Is this straight from the article? Yes, but it just sums up what she does, in addition to being a student. She seems to get what blogging is all about and that’s staying up to date on things like film, enterntainment, and new media. Those are just a few of her interests.  I hope to learn a lot more about blogging, micro managing it, and other aspects of online media and journalism.

Tackling the technical aspect of journalism is a completely new and
fresh concept for me. I have high hopes for this class and myself. I am
new to the blog world (I don't count Facebook and Twitter updates) as
well as creating a web site. It sounds exciting and I cannot wait to
learn more.

Aside from helping a little in a yearbook classs my Sophomore year of
high year, I have very little experience in the publishing world of a
web site, a blogsite, a newspaper, or anything else that seems related
to publishing. I want to learn everything I can and hope to expand and
further my education in the journalism world. As an advertising major, I
honestly don't know where I'm going next. I have this class, Media and
Society, and Media Writing for my journalism classes this semester so I
am optimistic and eager to find out what is in the journalism world and
were it will take me.

Thank you for a great first class!

Quinton Settle